Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture

Thank you for your interest in the Faculty of Architecture at the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH Regensburg)!

The Faculty of Architecture offers architecture studies in two stages: a six-semester bachelor's degree and a consecutive four-semester master's degree in Architecture. Both courses are accredited, the master’s degree has been EU-notified since 2012 and meets the technical requirements for entry in the list of architects.

Since 2009, the range of courses has been expanded to include additional related disciplines: the courses in Building Climate (Bachelor of Engineering), Building Archaeology (Master of Arts) and Industrial Design (Bachelor of Arts) offer a consistent deepening, expansion and specialization of the courses offered by the Faculty of Architecture. All three courses are accredited and have their own profile; they all have an interdisciplinary, cross-faculty structure. The bachelor's degree in Building Climate is shared by six faculties (Architecture, Applied Natural and Cultural Sciences, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Computer Science and Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering). In the Industrial Design course, basic technical modules from Engineering are taught by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. In the master's degree in Building Archaeology, the Faculty of Architecture works with the Institutes for Classical Archeology and Art History at the University of Regensburg and renowned specialists from the field.

Particularly in the elective area, the Faculty of Architecture offers a large number of interdisciplinary subjects due to its great range of courses, which give insight into the issues of the related disciplines and interfaces between them. In the excellently equipped workshops and laboratories, students can devote themselves to the practical parts of their studies in a variety of ways.

The entire portfolio of carefully coordinated and precisely profiled courses of study in the Faculty of Architecture offers students many opportunities to gain insights into a broad spectrum of design, engineering and social science areas and thus to set individual priorities in their respective course - in the sense of a holistic university degree that should enable lifelong learning.

Our range of courses includes the following:

Building Climate  
Industrial Design  
Building Archaeology