Information on applying for the Master's program in Building Archaeology (MHB)

1. Qualification Requirements

  1. A successfully completed university degree comprising at least six theoretical semesters of study in a relevant degree program or an equivalent domestic or foreign degree, the scope of which comprises at least 180 ECTS credits. The following courses of study are considered relevant if they deal with historical architecture from the perspectives of various disciplines: Architecture, Archaeology (all disciplines), Civil Engineering, Architectural Heritage, Anthropology, Building Climatology, Geodesy, History, Cultural Studies, Art History, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Restoration Studies, and related neighboring disciplines in terms of content. The examination board decides on the relevance and/or equivalence of the degree as well as the equivalence of degrees obtained at foreign universities in compliance with Art. 63 BayHSchG.
  2. Proof of suitability for the specific course of study according to § 4 Study and Examination Regulations (SPO).
  3. Proof of sufficient German language skills (DSH 1 or equivalent).

Please also refer to the Study and Examination Regulations (SPO).

2. Admission Procedure

2.1 Application
The application is purely in electronic form. The documents must be uploaded to the application portal of OTH Regensburg in due time and form.

Application deadlines:
For a winter semester         May 1st - June 15th
For a summer semester      November 15th - January 15th

Further information at:
These are cut-off deadlines. Late applications cannot be considered.

On two dates during the application period, you will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual meeting with teachers of the Master Building Archaeology and to clarify all questions concerning the study program in a personal and non-binding conversation. Because we want you to apply for a place in the program that is sure to suit you!
If you are interested, please click on the following link on one of the two dates:

MHB info date 1: Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 4:00 p.m.

MHB info date 2: Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 5:00 p.m.

For additional dial-in options, please contact your academic advisor at dietmar.kurapkat(at)

2.2 Aptitude Process
The study of Building Archaeology combines practical activities such as building recording with analog and digital methods on the object with scientific working methods and requires a special identification with the content-related goals of Historical Building Research and Historic Preservation. In order to prove the course-specific suitability for the Master's degree in Historical Building Research, the selection committee will examine the qualification requirements on the basis of the application documents. In addition, please upload a text document (approx. 2 DIN A4 pages) in which you answer the following questions in the online application under item "Substitute task for the aptitude test":

1. what were the reasons for your choice of the previously completed course of study with whose degree (BA or MA) you are applying for a place in the MHB?
2) How did you find out about the MHB at the OTH Regensburg and what made you decide to supplement your first degree with a subsequent MHB degree?
3) What career goals and possible jobs are you aiming for by completing an MHB program and why are you suited for this career field?
4. why is it important to study historical buildings using the methods of historical building research and for what further purposes and goals can the results be used?
5. have you already gained theoretical or practical experience in the course of your undergraduate studies or other activities in your life that could be useful for the study of historical building research?

I certify that I have answered the above questions independently.

Place, date Signature E-mail address

The evaluation of this additional text document replaces the selection examination. It is intended to give you the opportunity to present yourself and your study goals to the selection committee. It is recommended that you use the website to inform yourself about the study program in preparation. In addition, there is always the possibility of a consultation by phone or video phone, which is not part of the application process. Contact: dietmar.kurapkat(at)  
Subsequently, you will be informed very promptly, usually two weeks after the application deadline, whether you will receive a place in Building Archaeology for the following semester.  

3. The following documents must be uploaded

- diploma *
- provisional transcript of records with the explicitly stated average grade to date (not just many individual grades) of at least 150 ECTS credits already completed, if the final transcript is not yet available
- University entrance qualification (University entrance qualifications obtained abroad, e.g. school-leaving certificates, must be translated at least into English)
- Exmatriculation certificate *
- Curriculum vitae
- Answering the proficiency test questions
- A letter of motivation outlining the reasons and personal suitability requirements
for choosing the Master's program in Building Archaeology is not absolutely necessary for applicants from the qualifying courses of study mentioned under 1. However, for graduates with degrees in other related disciplines, the formulation of such a motivation letter of one to two pages is recommended. This helps the selection committee to recognize the possible individual suitability of applicants from neighboring disciplines in advance.
- Proof of sufficient German language skills (DSH 1 or equivalent) **.

* If these documents are not yet available at the time of application, they can be submitted at enrollment or, if received later, by the end of the first semester.
** Required by the start of studies.

If you do not have a final grade report at the time of enrollment, you must resubmit a current grade report with a posted, preliminary average grade online for enrollment. This must show that you still have a maximum of 15 ECTS points outstanding.

The prerequisite for the study program is a sufficient number of qualified applicants. The standard period of study is 4 semesters as full-time study.

We look forward to receiving your application for the Master of Building Archaeology!