Bachelor's Degree in Architecture

Information on the Qualifying Examination 2022 for the Bachelor's Degree in Architecture

You want to apply for a study place in the subject architecture at our university?
In addition to the general admission requirements, qualification for the Bachelor's degree program in Architecture also requires proof of having passed an aptitude test.


The application must be made online (see below). The application deadline runs from May 1 to June 15, 2022. This deadline is a cut-off date, i.e. documents uploaded after this date cannot be accepted. Only a complete application can be considered. Exception university entrance qualification (see below).

You can find all important information at You can also access the application portal there.

University entrance qualification (HZB)

If you already have one, please upload your university entrance qualification in the application portal. If this is acquired in the year of application, the deadline for subsequent submission is 20.07.2022. You can use the subsequent upload function on the start page of the application portal. Please be sure to check the "Assign to my application" box when reloading. The status remains "provisionally excluded" until the university entrance qualification is submitted. The portfolio and aptitude test are independent from this status.


In addition to the online application, we need the digital portfolio for the pre-selection for the qualifying examination at the OTH, which you can upload in the application portal along with other documents. The portfolio must not exceed 20 MB in size and must include the following documents:

1. cover page / title page with your full name, address, and application number.

2. a signed statement that all work has been done independently. (max. one DIN-A4 page)

3. a curriculum vitae in tabular form (max. one DIN-A4 page).

4. a letter of motivation (one DIN A4 page) in which you explain the most important reasons why you want to study architecture at the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg. Try to explain what interests you about architecture. For example, are there any experiences or adventures you have had in recent years that have changed your perception of phenomena in our (built) environment, culture or social life? Were there buildings, landscapes, events or the like that inspired or touched you? Did this perhaps happen in a completely different context, for example while reading a book or playing a computer game? Can you describe what motivated you to do this, what excited you?

5. independently produced artistic works: To demonstrate your individual artistic gifts and aptitude for completing the Bachelor of Architecture degree program, please submit five different works, totaling no more than 15 pages. These can be drawings, paintings, collages, photographs, computer drawings, images of sculptural works or similar.

Explanation of the application portfolio

Part of completing the bachelor's degree in architecture is to observe, analyze, question and translate the environment in all its artificial and natural manifestations with curiosity and interest.

An application folder, a portfolio with artistic works is not simply a compilation of more or less randomly already existing results, but an aesthetically designed documentation of your conscious examination of something that interests you personally. Submit five different, independently produced works. These works, however, do not have to form a unity, but can of course also be individual, stand-alone works that convincingly demonstrate your examination and your interests.
Submit not only finished results, but also preliminary studies, variants, observations, and expe-riments. These may be able to explain and present much more clearly what you want to say and what interests you. The work does not have to be about architecture. Rather, it is about your creativity, your exploration of particular spatial, artistic or design issues, interests, observations or ideas that you have developed individually.

Please pay attention not only to the presentation of your work, but also to the clear and simple design of your entire application portfolio. Your cover letter and CV are part of your self-presentation and must be prepared with care, both in terms of content and design.

The limitation to five works does not mean that the portfolio has only five pages - the maximum number of pages is 15. In your five works you should show that you work with at least three different, freely selectable presentation techniques: these include, for example, freehand drawings, paintings, collages or photographs. Please present sculptural and model-like works on the basis of illustrations. If you submit design-architectural projects, these should be limited to a maximum of two of the five works.

The portfolio with your work samples will be evaluated by the selection committee according to idea, concept, creativity and quality on a point scale of 0 - 20 points. A minimum of 12 points is required for admission to the qualifying examination. Invitations will be sent by e-mail at least one week before the examination date.


Qualifying examination

The next selection step is the aptitude test at the OTH. After a positive preselection, you will be invited by e-mail at least one week before the exam. 

For the aptitude test, please be at the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg "Halle A", (Building L) Galgenbergstraße 32, on July 15, 2022, from 8:00 - 8:45 a.m. for registration.

When registering, please indicate whether you have registered for the Architecture and Industrial Design qualifying examinations at the same time. We will take this into account in the schedule, as the qualifying examinations will take place on the same day. The day of the qualifying examination runs as follows:

15.07.2022 08.00 - 08.45 Registration
            08.45 a.m. - 09.15 a.m. Welcoming ceremony
            09.30 h - 10.30 h rational-cognitive task
            11.00 - 12.30 artistic-creative task
            12.30 - 13.30 Lunch break
            13.30 - approx. 17.30 Discussions            

- Spatial imagination
- Drawing skills
- Representation and communication skills
- Technical understanding
- Perception
- Creativity and imagination
- Information processing
- Work behavior
- Ability to work in a team, commitment
- motivation

Work equipment: The following work equipment is required:  
        Pencil B, sharpener, eraser, ruler/geodelta.

Auxiliaries: are not permitted

Additional report: Please bring a copy of your report to the aptitude test. Remember to upload the transcript to the application portal by 07/20/2022 if you have not already done so.

Results: will be communicated promptly by e-mail; oral inquiries will not be answered.
Legal basis: study and examination regulations as well as statutes on the determination of aptitude.

Admission to studies at the OTH Regensburg
After passing the aptitude test, the admission and rejection notices are sent out in writing in mid-August. Please refer to FAQ No. 7 for the further procedure.

Information on the pre-study internship
The pre-study internship requirement does not apply if the FOS/BOS certificate with the subject technology or design is submitted for the study application. In all other cases, see due date.
Due date of the internship certificate: From the beginning of studies until the beginning of the third semester at the latest (Not for study application).
Duration: 12 weeks
Distribution: The practical work should provide a broad spectrum of insight into the professional practice of an architect and be completed as a whole or in continuous sections of at least three weeks.
Content: Evidence of construction planning activities in architecture, engineering or planning offices must be provided. The FOS/BOS Technik und Gestaltung degree is fully recognized as a pre-study internship.