The Friedrich Mielke Institute, named after the pioneer of European stair research, Professor Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Mielke, is a scientific institution of the East Bavarian Technical University of Regensburg. It serves research and teaching in all fields that are technically, artistically, literarily, philosophically, historically or spiritually concerned with the staircases of our world.


Scientific Administration:
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kurapkat

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The Competence Centre for Historical Building Research bundles the research and teaching research projects on building history carried out at the Faculty of Architecture of the OTH Regensburg as well as research-oriented theses in the Master's programme in Building Archaeology. The competence centre supports the implementation of these projects through subject-related networks and helps to present the research results to the public.

In doing so, the Competence Centre works closely with the Research Cluster Sustainable Building and Historical Building Research (NBHB) and the Friedrich Mielke Institute for Scalalogy.

Contact and scientific administration:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Kurapkat

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A large proportion of our students, especially in the BA programmes, still come from our catchment area of Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate. Graduates regularly start their careers in the boom town of Regensburg or return to their home town after completing their studies.

However, a look at the surrounding regional area shows - particularly at its northern and eastern edges - economic structural change and demographic change processes to a considerable extent. Deconstruction and resettlement are current processes. Valuations of resources are shifting. In this context, existing potential or potential that can be used in the future often fades into the background. At the same time, despite emptying scenarios, there is a noticeable pressure on peripheral rural areas to take on new tasks.

In order to understand the upcoming challenges, the Faculty has founded the Kompetenzzentrum LandUmbau (Competence Centre for Rural Development) with the support of the University's management. In cooperation with offices and local authorities, local and regional actors, it specifically addresses possible strategies and scenarios in study projects.

The projects called for show different scales and complexity of processing, from the object to the urban planning scale to regional networking, and are always developed in interdisciplinary cooperation.