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The deanery will be closed from Decembre 23rd, 2020 until January 10th, 2021.

Classroom teaching events
Status: Octobre 5th, 2020
Teaching at the faculty in winter semester 2020/21 is basically virtual. Dates and times are determined by the timetable and the special arrangements made by the respective lecturers. Access to the virtual courses is also provided by the teachers. For each course, a course room is activated on GRIPS, in which students can register independently or be registered in individual modules.
In individual modules, so-called attendance points are offered. On the one hand, this serves the orderly and safe gradual reintroduction of classroom teaching. On the other hand, this offer is intended to meet the need of individual modules to impart knowledge and skills in face-to-face teaching. These events, which take place either outdoors or in the teaching room groups at the OTH Regensburg, Prüfening, Faculty of Architecture, are organised by the respective lecturers on their own responsibility in coordination with the Dean's Office and communicated directly to the students concerned. Participation in these events is voluntary, and advance registration for each classroom event is absolutely necessary for security reasons and for contact tracing.
The Faculty of Architecture has formed three groups of rooms for the organisation of face-to-face events. These are:  

1. P065, P066, P068 on the ground floor (3x maximum 20 seats)
2. P122, P123, P125 on the 1st floor (3x maximum 20 seats)
3. p222, p223, P225 on the 2nd floor (3x maximum 20 seats)
These rooms can be used by the teachers as a group of rooms, each connected to the other, exclusively at the times shown in the timetable for the respective module with at least one week's notice, stating
    - Date, time (from/to)
    - Room Group
    - Module/event
    - Programme, semester and number of participating students
can be booked. In case of higher student numbers, several room groups can be booked at the same time. Within a room group, however, rooms cannot be occupied by different events at the same time.
Lecturers are required to attend only absolutely necessary classroom events. Lectures, in particular, should be held virtually due to the generally high number of participants. Lectures from first and final semester students have priority, but the basic rule is: first come, first served.

IMPORTANT: Masks are compulsory throughout the building and in the work or teaching rooms, the only exception being work at the assigned workplace. In addition, each participant is obliged to tidy up his or her workplace after use and to clean it with the cleaning agents provided - please do not use any disinfectant sprays or the like that you have brought with you. (e.g. no spirit!). Please be punctual, i.e. neither too early nor too late, in front of the room assigned to the respective course. You will have to confirm your presence on site by signing the posted list. With your signature you also confirm that you meet the following conditions:
1. you have not entered the Free State of Bavaria from a country outside the Member States of the European Union and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or from another country of the Federal Republic of Germany or a country in the above-mentioned group of states within the last 14 days, and you have not been in a country outside the above-mentioned group of states within the last 72 hours prior to entry  
2. they have had no contact with confirmed infected persons in the past 14 days  
3 There is currently no quarantine recommendation or quarantine instruction for you from the Health Department.  
4. you do not have any symptoms of a cold or respiratory disease (shortness of breath, coughing, fever, etc.)
Please observe the classic hygiene regulations:
- Avoid shaking hands
- Observe coughing and sneezing label
- Wash hands regularly, thoroughly and with soap
- Keep your hands out of your face if possible
- Generally stay at home in case of respiratory symptoms (colds, rhinitis, etc.)
- Keep a distance from other people (at least 1.5 to 2 metres)
In the buildings of the OTH, please wear a mouth-nose cover. You are only allowed to remove it on instruction in the work area when you have taken your seat. The necessary minimum distance is guaranteed by the arrangement of the workplaces, the working areas can be adequately ventilated - please do the same. When leaving your workplace, you must wear the mouth-nose cover without exception until you leave the building.

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