Database Laboratory

Mission statement:Linking theory and practice

The Database Laboratory is focused on the subject of databases. This primarily involves the design of databases, implementing this design, as well as accessing database instance using the query language SQL. All database servers are connected to our LAN, so web-based applications may access them remotely. Even complex internet applications can be created using the department’s own internet server. This allows us to link the theory of database design with hands-on experience, using PHP, Java, or ASP/ADO.NET applications.

At the database laboratory, we are fully committed to teaching fundamental database knowledge as well as advanced subjects, including NoSQL and distributed databases, as well as cloud-based data management.

Facilities:Database server with Oracle and MySQL, available in all computer pools of the department
Learning objectives:
  • Database administration
  • Database design using entity relationship modelling
  • An in-depth knowledge of SQL in both theory and practice
  • A knowledge of transaction mechanisms
  • Aspects of database performance
  • A knowledge of advanced topics such as NoSQL and distributed databases