Regensburg Medical Image Computing (ReMIC) Laboratory

Mission statement:"All primal, basic thought happens in pictures:
that is why the imagination is such a necessary tool, and why unimaginative brains will never achieve any greatness – except in mathematics"
(Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860)

The Regensburg Medical Image Computing (ReMIC) laboratory is in research and teaching concerned with the computer-aided analysis of medical image data. One focus of the lab is the area of machine learning, especially Deep Learning. In the lab, current methods of medical image computing with modern tools like Insight Toolkit (ITK), OpenCV, TensorFlow and PyTorch are used. Along with applications for different areas of medicine ReMIC develops own methods and algorithms for classification, segmentation, registration and texture analysis.

In general, data with varying origin (modality), size and resolution are dealt with. Endoscopic 2D color images are important as well as 3D image data from computer tomography (CT), magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) and positron emission tomography (PET).

Topics for students for their internal Bachelor and Master theses are frequently supervised as part of current research projects. Additonally, cooperative doctoral dissertations are mentored. ReMIC cooperates with numerous companies in Bavaria and beyond.

  • 8 employee workplaces
  • 10 student workplaces
  • together eHealth: Meet-and-Chill-Area (Room K201a)
  • GPU Server System with 8x NVIDIA GTX1080Ti
  • 2 GPU Workstations with 2x NVIDIA Titan X each
  • Haptischec Device Virtuose 6D Desktop by Haption
  • Stereocamera Microntracker by ClaroNav
  • 4K Monitor EIZO DuraVision FDH3601
  • Thermographic camera FLIR SC620
  • 2x Microsoft Kinect
  • miscellaneous current software for medical image processing and Deep Learning
Research objectives:Current research projects  and corresponding publications  can be found on the external homepage of ReMIC.
Team: The ReMIC team is always up-to-date here.