Software Engineering Laboratory

Mission statement:“Quality is the opposite of chance” (Klaus Zumwinkel)
Aims:The Software Engineering Laboratory is concerned with the professional development of software. As well as traditional themes such as programming and modelling, aspects such as procedure models, organisation, quality assurance and architecture are of central importance. Above all we strive to respond to the needs of software development which calls for a broad knowledge base and an extensive fund of experience.

The necessary fundamentals are imparted to students in the form of project assignments. The students’ own ideas are incrementally transformed into viable software. The individual phases and activities of software development are taught and assimilated in the form of assignments which enable students to amass their own individual experience.

Learning objectives: 
  • Basic concepts of requirement engineering
  • Modelling with UML
  • Software architecture and architecture patterns
  • Software design and implementation using design patterns
  • Quality assurance
  • Advanced technologies (Quasar, Domain Driven Design, SOA, …)