Advice for Exchange Students planning to undertake a Final Project, Bachelor or Master Thesis

This page is written with the intention to give you some additional advice about organizing your studies at the faculty of mechanical engineering.

At our faculty a Bachelor Thesis is 12 ECTS, a Master Thesis is 28 ECTS. Please check with your home faculty if this is acceptable.

There are many opportunities for final projects. On the faculty homepage you can find a database where many topics are listed [only available in German].

If you find a topic you are interested in you can contact the supervisor directly. For most projects in the database the beginning date is immediately ("sofort"). If you are interested in one of those it is worthwhile to ask the supervisor if it can be reserved for you.

There are also many final projects signposted on various blackboards throughout the faculty building. Mostly close to the office of the respective supervisor or close to the laboratories. In case you have some own ideas that fit to the activities and profile of a laboratory you can suggest your ideas to the professor. Maybe something can be developed. Several projects here are in cooperation with companies. In these projects, results have to be delivered. In these cases, it is your task to convince the supervisor that you can successfully contribute to the project.

In order to work in a laboratory you should have at least some basic German language skills. Please be clear, that you need to have an excellent level (C1 or better) in the language you want to write your thesis. Standard language is German most supervi-sorsaccept English as well.

When you contact the supervisor, please send a formal application consisting of cover letter, C.V. and a mark sheet that allows the supervisor to judge your performance in your studies so far. When you write an email, be aware that chat or SMS style is not appropriate.

Please be aware that the professors can only supervise a limited number of thesis at the same time. Therefore, the professors who have popular topics are booked out early. Make sure you contact the supervisor of your favourite topic as early as possible. The students negotiate their final projects individually and independently with the professors, there is no further intervention. So the signature on the learning agreement is that the faculty accepts you as an exchange student, it does not guarantee a certain thesis.