Courses at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers degree courses in mechanical engineering, product engineering and automation, industrial engineering and medical engineering.

Degree programmesBachelorMaster
Mechanical Engineering  
Production Engineering and Automation  
Biomedical Engineering  
Mechatronic Systems Engineering (part-time)  
Industrial Engineering  
Medical Engineering  

Photo: H.-P. Bräu / OTH Regensburg

All courses are held in German language, including those with English titles.
Knowledge of the German language: Bachelor [...] and Master [...]

A Bachelor degree course leads to a first university of applied sciences degree which confers professional status at the end of a standard course of seven semesters duration. Our students acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in a course which is replacing courses leading to a ‘Diplomabschluss’ as part of ongoing higher education reforms taking place in Germany (Bologna Process).

Have you already graduated and do you wish to continue your studies? If so, we offer courses in which you can build on your first degree and enrol in a consecutive Master degree course. A Master degree course will broaden your academic education in three standard semesters.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering also contributes to courses offered by other faculties:

Photo: M. Hochmuth / OTH Regensburg