Care (Dual Bachelor)

(Applications no longer possible)

There is a growing need for qualified care workers in Germany, and an ageing population will lead to greater complexity in the caregiving professions. Joined-up thinking, greater flexibility, a reflective approach to working and the ability to manage and optimise processes will be in far bigger demand in future. 

The required level of qualification in the caring professions is set to rise. The predicted shortfall of doctors means that more and more tasks will be entrusted to non-medical health professionals, and this too will require the care professions to be increasingly ‘academised’.  

Providing a university education as part of training for the care professions can help to close this predicted gap in the numbers of highly qualified carers. The Dual BSc in Care is an opportunity to combine vocational training with a degree programme and will open up attractive job and career prospects in the health sector.

Degree programme information

Commencement:Applications no longer possible
Duration:9 semesters
Profile:Course structure and course programme [only available in German]
Course options in English:Courses
Study options:Care; Care Sciences; Scientific Foundation; Related Sciences (health science, psychological, sociological, philosophical and legal principles; On-the-job Learning; Advanced Subject Studies 
Degree title:Bachelor of Science
Accreditation:AHPGS [only available in German]