Bachelor of Speech Therapy (only as a course with integrated vocational training)

An ageing population coupled with advances in medical science and engineering and heightened expectations made of evidence-based and quality-assured therapeutic action are changing the demands being made on speech therapists (logopedists). The need for professional knowledge that is both up-to-date and specific is ever growing, and therapists are expected to apply a multi-professional approach using optimised treatment concepts. In the long term speech therapists can only hope to meet these growing demands if in addition to their thorough practical training they learn to work scientifically, and our BSc course in Speech Therapy is designed to accommodate their needs.

By offering integrated vocational training, the course enables students to acquire the capacity for thought and action that is both scientific and evidence-based while at the same time thoroughly practical, to perfect their therapy-related critical thinking ability and to develop the knowledge and skills needed for a future career in therapy, research, teaching or management.

The Speech Therapy BSc course also provides access to international logopedic training standards and prepares graduates to participate in and contribute to international scientific discourse.

Course information

Course commences:

Winter semester

Application period:


Application periods

! Please note different application periods for cooperating BFS (Berufsfachschule)!

Entrance requirements:

'Fachhochschulreife' (qualification for entrance to universities of applied science), 'fachgebundene oder allgemeine Hochschulreife' (subject-linked or general qualification for university entrance), parallel course at a cooperating 'Berufsfachschule' (vocational school)

Course duration:

9 semesters (210 CP)

Course profile:

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Speech Therapy

Degree title:

Bachelor of Science (BSc)