Bachelor of Physiotherapy (vocational-training-integrated only)

The primary aim of the BSc in Physiotherapy is to train physiotherapists to become reflective practitioners capable of acting according to scientifically sound principles and of building up-to-date scientific knowledge into their professional work.

The course addresses the current demand for academically trained physiotherapists who are directly involved in the care of patients and who provide therapy unsupervised and on their own responsibility. Students will extend their knowledge of prevention, therapy, rehabilitation and palliation; they will learn how to devise therapeutic and preventive concepts responsibly, to implement projects on current developments in the health sector and to manage problem solving processes. They are empowered to work under their individual responsibility on a scientifically and ethically sound basis, and can identify optimum treatment pathways for patients by applying evidence-based medicine.

Course information

Course commences:Winter semester
Application period:Application periods
Please note different application periods for cooperating BFS (Berufsfachschule)
Entrance requirements:Fachhochschulreife' (qualification for entrance to universities of applied science), 'fachgebundene oder allgemeine Hochschulreife' (subject-linked or general qualification for university entrance), parallel course at a cooperating 'Berufsfachschule' (vocational school)
Course duration:8 semesters
Course profile:Module plan
Course options in English:Courses
Study options:Physiotherapy Science
Course structure and
course programme:
Degree title:Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Accreditation:As part of system accreditation