Bachelor Nursing Management (part-time)

Bachelor Nursing Management (part-time)

Social changes such as demographic growth and diversity and the increasingly academic emphasis in healthcare are set to create new challenges and greater complexity within the healthcare professions, and there is little doubt that there will be a growing demand for suitably qualified managers, leaders and skilled operatives in the healthcare sector going forward. This part-time Bachelor of Nursing Management degree course will prepare you for management and leadership roles in healthcare. On completion of this course you will be able to measure performance and demand within a healthcare framework and take on leadership functions. As well as specialist knowledge about project and quality assurance you will acquire invaluable skills in the field of care and case management.

In addition to teaching purely technical expertise we encourage personality development and the acquisition of HR management knowledge and techniques so essential to the performance of leadership and development tasks. These aims are also served by the integral internship semesters which can be credited to a relevant period of professional practice of at least three years (credit eligibility is assessed on an individual basis).

Course content and objectives

The course places particular emphasis on teaching specialist knowledge and HRM know-how in areas such as management and leadership or HR development. Students will also gain skills in a variety of management spheres such as process and quality management as well as project management.           

The aim is to train care managers capable of tackling the complex tasks of healthcare management with a high level of specialist skills.

Target group

The part-time BA course in Nursing Management provides you with an opportunity to enrol in a course at a university of applied sciences without the need for a university-entrance diploma (e.g. ‘Abitur’), and so gain an academic qualification to accompany your existing vocational qualifications.

The course is aimed at the following target groups:

  • Nurses (male/female)
  • Pediatric nurses (male/female)
  • Midwives and childbirth assistants
  • Geriatric nurses and carers (male/female)

Career opportunities

Typical career opportunities which the course opens include:

  • Management and leadership roles in the health system
  • Management roles in geriatric care
  • Project and quality management
  • Demand and performance measurement in healthcare
  • Care and case management
  • Healthcare consultancy

Entry requirements

There are different routes by which prospective students can access the part-time BA in Nursing Management:

  • You can hold either a ‘Fachhochschulreife’ (qualification for entrance to universities of applied science), or ‘Allgemeine Hochschulreife’ (general qualification for university entrance) and have completed a relevant vocational training course (as a nurse, pediatric nurse, geriatric nurse/carer, midwife and childbirth assistant) or 
  • You have obtained a subject-related university entrance qualification for vocationally qualified students (Bavarian Universities Law Article 45) by attending a vocational course with a minimum duration of two years at a university of applied sciences plus at least three years of relevant workplace experience (as a nurse, pediatric nurse, geriatric nurse/carer, midwife and childbirth assistant).

Applicants will be required to attend a consultation interview.

Course structure and duration

This is a part-time study programme with the emphasis on vocational practice. The course is held over eleven semesters, and your previous background (e.g. vocational qualifications, professional experience) may be credited if eligible. The first semester will be credited on the basis of a relevant vocational course. The course lectures at OTH Regensburg are held in blocks (one block of four days at the beginning and end of each semester) and bi-weekly on two days (e.g. Friday/Saturday). At the end of each module is an assessment such as a written examination, oral presentation, course assignment or project report. You complete your course with a written dissertation in the 11th semester. Students who pass the final examination gain the academic degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA).

Details in brief


Winter semester


11 semesters, part-time, 210 ECTS credits

Degree title

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

AccrediationThe course of studies Bachelor Nursing Management is accredited and bears the seal of the German Accreditation Council.

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