Erasmus+ with partner countries (KA 107)

For the period from September 2019 to July 2022, OTH Regensburg has been able to raise funds from the program Erasmus + with partner countries for mobilities with Vietnam, Kosovo and Bosnia. These funds can be used to finance students, lecturers and staff mobilities to and from partner universities of OTH Regensburg in these countries.  

The following forms apply to mobilities with Kosovo and Bosnia. For access to forms for student and staff exchange  with Vietnam please contact Anne Groll.

Teaching mobilities (STA)

Forms for student mobilities for studies (SMS) - possible only from partner country to OTH

Forms for student mobilities for traineeships (SMP)


Please note: This webpage only provides information on the programme "ERASMUS+ with partner countries".

For German students going abroad to a so called "programme country" (mainly EU countries), please change to our German webpage and see here.