Nomination and first information: Since exchange students are nominated by their home university, you should contact the international office of your home university first for information on exchange programmes and agreements as well as admissions and applications. For any additional queries you may have, please contact the student exchange coordinators at OTH Regensburg incoming-international(at)

Language requirements: To follow lectures in German language, we require minimum a B2 German language level for application. To follow English lectures, a minimum level of B2 is required.

If you only choose English taught lectures, we do recommend a B1 German language level, but we do not require it for application.

Next Steps:

  1. Read the Practical Guide for Exchange Students for details about residence permits and health insurance requirements.
  2. Check out the courses available at OTH Regensburg and prepare the Learning Agreement. Please use the document provided by your home university in the first place, otherwise you can also use the forms provided in our download box.
    Please fill the Learning Agreement, ask for your home coordinator's appoval/signature and save the document as PDF for upload.
    Please be aware that only computer-written documents will be accepted.
  3. Prepare all necessary documents for the upload before you start to apply via online form. You need to complete your application in one session, belated upload of documents via form is not possible!

    You need to upload at least the following document:
    - Computer-written Learning agreement
    If already available you are also invited to upload:
    - Copy of passport (Non-EU students) or ID card (EU-students)
    - Proof of health insurance (EHIC)
  4. Please fill in the online form "application form for exchange students" and upload the requested documents in the end before sending the form. After submission you will receive an email confirming all your entered data. (This confirmation is sent to the student's email address as stated in the form). Please save this document/email - it is your proof for applying online.
  5. Any documents you want to hand in at a later point of time (e.g. proof of health insurance, copy of issued passport) you have to hand in by email. Please send it to