Welcome to the BUDDY-Programme!

For international exchange students we have built up a BUDDY-Programme. That means every incoming student will get support from an OTH Buddy during the semester. It is a very good way to get in touch with Germans and to be fast integrated in the German way of life. An OTH Buddy will help you managing your fist days in Germany and can show you around Regensburg. You as International Buddy can ask for help in any topic.



Registration is needed in January for arriving in summer semester or in July for becoming exchange student in winter semester. In January or July you will get an email with a link to the BUDDY-Tool application. You fill in the BUDDY-Tool with personal data, like your hobbies, your interests and your field of study. With these entries the Tool automatically finds the perfect OTH Buddy for you. Shortly before you arrive in Regensburg we inform you about your OTH Buddy partner. Then it is up to both of you to get in contact with each other.