Studies Department

Servicebureau: Here we accept all paperwork necessary for your studies and provide advice on enrolment, exams, internships, student ID, and student health insurance.

Find us at: Pruefeninger Strasse 58, Rooms P023 and P024, at the main entrance.
Opening hours: Mo. - Fr. 8.30 - 12.30; Tue. and Thurs. 8.30 - 15.00


The OTH Regensburg Library sees its role as that of a centre of competence and partner in the provision of specialist literature and information for the entire OTH Regensburg. It is located in a modern new building and is a central learning facility. In addition to books and journals, users will find the latest electronic media, such as e-books, electronic journals and online access to specialist databases. These wide-ranging services enhance students' own information competence and support and encourage access to specialist information.

Computer Centre

The Computer Centre is one of the service facilities of OTH Regensburg. It provides computing services for students, teaching staff, administrative personnel and the University management. Its objective is to integrate these services within an overall IT structure.

Alumni Services

The Alumni Network is an information, contact and career network encompassing all subjects, institutions and faculties of OTH Regensburg. ALUMNI are all former students, graduates, teaching and non-teaching staff, friends, sponsors and supporters of OTH Regensburg both at home and abroad. OTH Regensburg is keen to maintain and intensify contact with its ALUMNI and accompany them as they progress through life beyond university.