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Central Library (Seybothstrasse): Getting Startet - how to use the library

Branch Library (Prüfeninger Strasse): Getting Startet - how to use the library


How do I get a library card?

Your studentcard is your librarycard. Other users need to present a valid ID. With your library card, you can also use the services of the University Library and the State Library Regensburg. The user ID is non-transferable.

Once you have received your user ID, you are obliged to keep the library informed about your current address and e-mail address.

As a service, you will receive the following information via E-mail:

• Notifications that a book reserved by you is available and can be picked up

• Notifications that a book has to be returned or will be due shortly (no guarantee)


How can I borrow books?

You always need a valid user ID if you want to borrow or order literature.

You can search for literature in the catalogue „Regensburger Katalog“ (OPAC) and retrieve the book number (location of the book). Books from the reading room collection in the open-access area and the open stack can be taken directly from the shelves and checked out at the self-check system. Please do not borrow damaged books.

Books from the sectional library Prüfeninger Str., from the University Library and the State Library Regensburg can be ordered through the online catalogue. After a short delivery period, the requested literature can be picked up in the branch library of your choice.


How are the books arranged?

Our literature is structured by the „Regensburger Verbundklassifikation“ (RVK).

Every media item has a book number, which indicates its location:

• F 03/ Local identifier*

• UM 3000 Notation

• H155 Encoded personal name or book title

• -4(1)+3 -Volume(edition)+copy

• e.g. F 03 Seybothstr.; F 01 Prüfening


Where can I find journals?

All journals are arranged alphabetically by title and can be found on the lower level of the library.

• The present year can be found in the periodical display shelves in the basement.

• Journals as from the year 2000 are located in the near-by shelves as bound editions.

• Earlier volumes can be found in the open stacks.


What can I do if a book I need is on loan?

• You can place a reservation on a checked out book in the catalogue (please also see our leaflet „Regensburger Katalog“). Conversely, other library users can also place a reservation on the books you have borrowed, so that you cannot renew the loan period. In that case, any renewed loan period can be shortened or cancelled.


How long is the loan period?

Usually, the checkout period for books is 4 weeks. The first renewal is effected automatically and is valid until another library user places a reservation. A second renewal is possible in the catalogue under the tab „Account“ („Konto“).

• Newspapers and journal issues cannot be borrowed.

• Books with the label „nicht ausleihbar“ or with a yellow mark can normally be checked out for the weekend (from Friday,11 a.m. until Monday, 12 p.m.).

Please check your user account in the catalogue on a regular basis to avoid costly reminders. There you can find all information pertaining to your due dates.


Where can I return the books?

Our return counter is located on the lefthand side of the main entrance to the university library, in the passage way to the cafeteria. With our Self Check system, you can return your books on your own - even outside the opening hours of the library.


Does the library charge fees?

There are no fees for your registration or for using the library.

In case you loose your user ID, 2,50 € are being charged for a replacement card. In your own best interest, you should report the loss of your ID to the library immedia-tely.

If a loan period is exceeded, the following fees are being charged:


• 1st reminder for return of books 7,50 €

• 2nd reminder (additional costs) 10,00 €

• 3rd reminder (additional costs ) 20,00 €

• + postage 3,50 €

• 4th reminder (additional costs) 30,00 €

• + postage 3,50 €


The customer bears the costs for the replacement of damaged or lost media items. The value of lost items is estimated by the library.

The library of the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg applies the general library regulations of the federal Bavarian libraries (ABOB).

Detailed information can be found on our homepage under „A-Z“, or simply at the information desk.