Regensburg Centers

The Regensburg Centers bring together different research topics and research units, and are of particular strategic relevance for the research profile of OTH Regensburg.

Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering

The Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering (RCBE) is an inter-faculty and cross-university research establishment run jointly by OTH Regensburg and the University of Regensburg.

The RCBE unites the biomedical competence of the University of Regensburg with the expertise of OTH Regensburg in engineering and medical informatics, and places particular emphasis on joint research and development as well as continuing education. The emphasis is very much on subject areas such as ‘Analysing medical data’, ‘Biomechanics’, ‘eHealth’, ‘Implants’ and ‘Equipment Technology’.

Regensburg Center of Energy and Resources

The Regensburg Center of Energy and Resources (RCER) combines the activities of OTH Regensburg in the strategic field of energy and resources, and is a hub for partners from business, research and the public sector.

The Center’s interdisciplinary, cross-faculty network of engineering, natural sciences, business studies and humanities offers an optimum framework for tackling all manner of issues to do with energy. The transfer of knowledge into the region - through joint projects or events such as the Regensburg Energy Congress - is another key component of RCER beside research and development.