Compability of work and family

Organization of work

The Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz, shortly MuSchG) applies to all women who are employed (§ 1). It includes various provisions, which are to protect pregnant women. An example is the protection from dismissal by the employer during pregnancy and up to four months after childbirth (§ 9).

During pregnancy women are entitled to prenatal medical checkups, medical care and midwife assistance, provision of medicines, bandages and remedies, childbirth in hospital, domestic care and household assistance. Pregnant women must be released from work for prenatal medicine checkups if necessary.

Expectant mothers who have statutory health insurance or private health insurance are generally entitled to maternity allowance. The provisions vary by person group and type of health insurance.

You can find more detailed information on maternity allowance and the Maternity Protection Act under:

Immediately after the maternity protection period or also later mothers as well as fathers are entitled to apply parental leave with their employer.

The only prerequisites are:

- You must be employed
- The child must live in the same household
- You must inform your employer about the beginning of parental leave at least 7 weeks in advance

 Parental leave can be applied for up to three years. Parts of it can be taken by mother and father at the same time. During parental leave you can work up to 30 hours per week.

The brochure „Parental leave for employees and officials of the Free State of Bavaria" ("Elternzeit für Arbeitnehmerinnen und Arbeitsnehmer sowie für Beamtinnen und Beamte des Freistaats Bayern") provides detailed information.

The parental allowance is an earnings replacement benefit in the amount of 67% of the lost net income (1.800 € maximum) and at least 300€. It is paid for a period of twelve months. On January 1st some provisions have been changed. Further information can be obtained on the webpages of the responsible Federal Ministry BMFSFJ (Bundesministerium BMFSFJ).

Part time

One of the most important reasons for a part-time job is still the family. Whether it be to raise children or to care for relatives in need of nursing care. Which form or organization of part-time work suits best depends on different influencing factors. Possible is the distribution of working time to less than five working days or the reduction of the daily working time.

The following prerequisites must be met to be entitled to the reduction of working hours:
- The employment relationship has existed for at least 6 months
- There are no operational reasons which argue against this approach

An application for part-time work must be filed at least three months before the planned beginning.


Telework means that you work at least a part of the weekly working hours at home. Concerning this subject the OTH Regensburg has concluded a new labour agreement. You can find it on the intranet in the document portal under “personnel”.

In the appendix of the labour agreement you can find the respective application forms.


In the basement of the student house there is a large family room. It should facilitate the compatibility of studies and family for incorporating university members.

So students and staff of the OTH Regensburg can bring their children aged from 0 to 12 years by the hour to the university and supervising them in the family room (alone). The room can be also be booked for group work and team meetings, while children can deal autonomously in the play area. Of course the room can also be used for breastfeeding and for feeding your child.

The room is locked. We ask you to reserve the room in advance at familienbuero(at) or 0941/943-9208. The key you will get at the family office.

usage regulation

  • Location Seybothstraße: room for breastfeeding and diaper-changing with a  relaxation room, S225 (elevator, 2nd floor, then turn left twice)
  • Location Galgenbergstraße, engineering building: diaper-changing table in the toilet for handicapped persons, B183
  • Location Galgenbergstraße, new auditorium building: daybed in the toilet for handicapped persons, E005
  • Location Sammelgebäude: diaper-changing table, U519
  • Location Prüfening: diaper-changing table in the first aiders room, P011
  • Location student house: Family room Y-102 and toilets in the basement

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Vanessa Höcherl.

  • Children´s book corner in the OTH Library
  • Children´s playing corner in front of the OTH-Mensa
  • Family room in the student house

Of course, the toys of the family room can be borrowed for the use in other rooms. In case of demand please contact Vanessa Höcherl.

Offers at the campus

During Easter and autumn holidays the family office provides a competent holiday childcare with a varied program for children at the age of 3 to 10 years. Laboratory demonstrations and lectures for children, creative activities and games are offered for the children, while parents can dedicate themselves to their studies or their work during the lecture periods.

Dates and notifying information you will find at “Dates and news” on the start page of the Homepage of theFamily Officein time.

Studying and employed parents can in a forum exchange and get in contact together on the e-learning-platform and see, e.g., clothes or organize care of children. Moreover, it is informed here always about the latest activities of the family office.

Admission is possible at any time with the NDS account for all members of OTH and University Regensburg.

The sports center of the University of Regensburg also offers sports courses for children.

Condition is a valid sports identity card, which is also available for members (spouse, children). Information you get from the contact persons of the University Regensburg.

The parental child´s group for employees is open for all staff members and professors. This offer gives fathers and mothers and children till 4 years the possibility to come in contact with each other, to exchange themselves to create a space for meetings with plays and songs. There is no registration necessary, because the participation is non-binding and free.

When: On Thursdays, 15.30 – 17.00 o’clock (also on holiday)

Where: Family room Y-102 in the student`s house

If you liked to be informed about appointment changes or the similar, you can announce yourself with pleasure in the exchange forum (eLearning) or turn to the family office.


Useful links

    Family signpost of the Federal Ministry for family, Seniors, women and youth.
    Family guidebook of the State Institute for early childhood education (Staatsinstitut für Frühpädagogik) in nine different languages.
    Lots of useful Information on the Topic family. So-called letters to parents, which give advice and provide assistance for the period of 0 - 18 years, are also offered. Another new feature is a day nursery guide.
    Information on pregnancy, family law, birth, financial assistance etc.
    "For fathers. From fathers."
    Advice and help - The family guide of the city of Regensburg as well as Information on childcare facilities. Furthermore, the city offers an overview of possibilites for changing diapers and for breastfeeding in various facilities and shopping centers in the city including an overview map.
    List of all childcare facilities in the district of Regensburg including a fee overview.
    List of important topics and contact points in the district and the city of Regensburg.
    Women`s guidebook of the city of Regensburg, e.g. with information about "Women and Family", various contact and advisory council points etc.

In the following urban, confessional and private providers of leisure activities are listed:

Office for municipal youth work (Amt für kommunale Jugendarbeit)
(Also offers a holiday program)
Domplatz 3
Tel.: 0941/507-1552

Sports Office Regensburg (Sportamt Regensburg)
(Also offers a holiday program)
Von-der-Tann-Straße 1
Tel.: 0941/507-1532

District Youth Office(Kreisjugendamt)
Altmühlstraße 3
Tel.: 0941/4009-227

Natural History Museum East Bavaria (Naturkundemuseum Ostbayern)
Am Prebrunntor 4
Tel.: 0941/507-3443

The Young vhs of the district of Regensburg (Die junge vhs des Landkreis Regensburg)
Pommernstr. 4, 93073 Neutraubling
Tel.: 0941/507-2433

Children and Youth Farm Regensburg (Kinder- und Jugendfarm Regensburg)
Taunusstraße 5
Tel.: 0941/600-1545

LEOlingo - Language Camp for children in the Pindl-Gymnasium in Regensburg
Seitzermühle 1
92369 Sengenthal
Tel.: 09181/904 755

Multigenerational house Regensburg (Mehrgenerationenhaus Regensburg)
(for example, hotel for children, theater for children, pottery classes, family breakfast ...)
Ostengasse 29

    The Center Bavaria Family and Social Issues (Zentrum Bayern Familie und Soziales) informs, inter alia, about services according to the Federal Act on Parental Allowance and Parental Leave (Bundeselterngeld- und Elternzeitgesetz), services according to the National Act on Child Benefit (Landeserziehungsgeldgesetz) and the new regulations on care allowance.
    The Student Union for Niederbayern / Oberpfalz (Studentenwerk) provides information on financial support for studying, as soon as working parents at a glance.
    Online comment on several laws in the area of social benefit law by Prof. Dr. Schneider-Danwitz of the OTH Regensburg.
    Brochure "Social Security at a Glance 2014" ("Soziale Sicherung im Überblick 2014") for download.
    Information of the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) for parents who want to make use of an additonal child benefit.
    Overview of financial assistance and Services in Bavaria.
    Online parental allowance calculator and further information on parental allowance and the application process.
    Unemployment benefit (ALG) 2 calculator and further information.
  • Application of financial assistance for education, sports, school supplies, school trips, music lessons:
    • BUTT education and participation package (Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket) of the city of Regensburg, btl(at)
    • Mothers in need (Mütter in Not e.V.), Tel. 0941 / 5999132
    • Social and Sports Foundation of the Municipal Utilities Regensburg (Sozial- und Sportstiftung der Stadtwerke Regensburg), Tel. 0941 / 601-2090
    • Orphanage Foundation (Waisenhausstiftung) Stadtamhof, Administration of the Foundation of the city of Regensburg, Tel. 0941 / 507-2546
    The Coordinating Child Protection Center (Koordinierende Kinderschutzstelle KoKi) supports parents in stressful situations (e.g. personal everload, unemployment, single parents, lack of support within the family, etc.). The service is free of charge.
    The family workshop (Familienwerkstatt) is an association, where various professions cooperate interdisciplinary. Among others there are the following offerings:
    • PALME: Preventive parent training for single mothers in Regensburg.
    • Group for children of separated or divorced parents: for children at the Age of 8 - 12 years.
    • Heroes travel: training for children and adolescents at the Age of 12 - 15 years of the reduction of aggression.
    Family counseling in the case of Separation and divorce in Regensburg.
    Information on pregnancy, counseling in conflict situations during pregnancy, local counseling services but also financial assistance.
    Wellcome"-volunteers now also help families in Regensburg: The "Wellcome" -Angels come once or twice a week for about two to three hours to the families´ homes. Thus, the families are supported in their everyday life for about three months. The assistants help, for example, with caring for a newborn or they take care of siblings. Sometimes it is only about providing support for parents so that they have a person who listens to them or can provide practical assistance.
    Costs: Commission 10 Euro, Support max. 5 Euro / hour - possibly financial support can be provided.

For your information we have compiled some links to services close to home in and around Regensburg. We do not issue guarantee for the immediacy, accuracy and completeness of the links and the content of the pages available under the links. The particularly applies if the links point to external pages of other providers, whose content we do not adopt as our own.

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