Information about Applying for the Summer Semester 2021

The following details are valid for basic Bachelor degree programmes!

  • Application period for Bachelor´s degree programmes: 01.12.2020 until 15.01.2021.
  • Application period for higher semesters and Master´s degree programs: 01.12.2020 until 15.01.2021(except MIE and MMB 15.11.2020 until 15.12.2020).
  • Again, please note that for the application procedure, the closing date for applications is also a cut-off date. Applications and documents submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Please apply as near to the start of the application period as possible; the application portal will then indicate if there are many mandatory documents which you have not yet submitted, so that you do not miss any deadlines.

To find out, take a look at the Start column on the page stated below. The Additional Entry Requirements column will show, whether your preferred degree programme has a ‘restricted admission’ (NC) or not: Information on Degree Programmes Offered.

Please note that new NC limits can only be calculated in the current application process. We cannot provide any information upfront, so refrain from sending us any enquiries. You will find NC limits used in previous application processes here.

  • 5 % for international (outside the European Economic Area - EEA - and foreign nationals that do not have a German university entrance qualification) applicants (exclusion quota), see also FAQ No. 10

Other special quotas:

  • 4 % for vocationally qualified students with no ‘Fachhochschulreife’ (qualification for entrance to universities of applied science).
  • 6 % for applicants for a dual study course (academic studies & apprenticeship).
  • 2 % for hardship cases.
  • 2 % for applicants for a second degree (exclusion quota).
  • 2 % top athletes and national competition participants with a distinction.
  • 2 % for applicants who have acquired the qualification for the chosen course of study in a degree programme that has not yet been completed.

The remaining study places are allocated 90 % by qualification (average grade) and 10 % by waiting period.


Applications must be made using the OTH Regensburg online application procedure. Informal or other forms of application cannot be considered. Applications, certificates etc. submitted by e-mail or fax will not be recognised. Changes and additions to the application must also be submitted in writing by the end of the application period, stating the study course and application number, see FAQ No. 1; this also applies to special-case (e.g. hardship applications).


The application period/deadline given in FAQ No. 1 applies: This is a cut-off deadline! The sole criterion for compliance with the application deadline is the date on which the OTH Regensburg receives the printed out and signed online course admission application. For applications made by post, a postmark with a dispatch date within the application period does not count if the application is received after the deadline. Applications received after this period cannot be considered. You should apply as near to the start of the application period as possible; the application portal will then indicate if there are any required documents which you have not submitted so that you do not miss any deadlines.

Document copies are sufficient – do not send any original documents with your application. Internal applicants already at OTH Regensburg must re-submit their documents. 

  • Online application printed out and signed
  • VPD (preliminary review documentation) with uni-assist logo as copy (foreign higher education entrance qualifications must be recognised by uni-assist, see FAQ 10) You will receive the VPD with logo per post and not by e-mail.
  • CV (you are welcome to use our template)
  • For the Industrial Design, Music and Movement Based Social Work and Social Work courses only: copy of proof of a completed pre-study placement
  • Copy of a certificate of service (only required with NC courses and if service has been completed)
  • Copy of de-registration certificate** from the last degree programme at a German university
  • Copy of proof of an adequate knowledge of German for university admission**, and if applicable
  • Training contract and/or school confirmation for academic studies & apprenticeship (dual study course applicants only)

** These documents can be produced on enrolment if they are not available when the application is made.

If you are not offered a university place or if you do not take up the offer of a place your application documents will be destroyed after the application process for data protection reasons. We are unable to return documents to you even if you provide a postage paid and addressed envelope.


    If you have not received your VPD / university entrance qualification from the school by the end of the application period you can post us your certificates up until 27.07. for a winter semester or 31.01. for a summer semester. Please state your application number and your first study degree programme. Provisional certificates are not acceptable.

    The following application deadlines apply.

    • uni-assist
      27.07. for a winter semester, 31.01. for a summer semester
    • a ‘Studienkolleg’ at universities of applied sciences in Bavaria
      27.07. for a winter semester, or 31.01. for a summer semester

    We first need to wait for the end of the application period and we then examine all the applications which have been received.

    For visa application purposes you will automatically receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your course application. No provisional admissions can be issued while the application process is ongoing. Admission notices are only valid for the semester you are applying for.

    Main allocation system

    Notices of admission and rejection are posted to applicants provisionally in mid-August for a winter semester and mid-February for a summer semester. (Exception for DoSV study courses: from mid-August to mid-September or from mid-February to early March by the Stiftung für

    Make sure that you actually receive the notice, read it carefully and keep it safely. You will need to present it to a number of different authorities. If you change address, apply to the post office for mail redirection. Please bear in mind that our notices may be sent out during the holiday period. If for this or any other reason you cannot be reached at the address given in your application at this time then you must arrange for someone to take in your mail and let you know when mail arrives for you. Make this person fully aware of the importance of dates and deadlines, and remember that his or her failures will be treated as your own failures!

    Online acceptance of the university place

    Applicants who are offered a place must accept the offer online in the application portal within the period indicated (approx. 2 weeks). (Applicants for DoSV study courses must also first accept online at Your application cannot be further processed if your acceptance is late, so please make sure that you accept an offer within this period!

    We do not require online acceptance or any letter, phone message etc., if you are unable / unwilling to accept the university place because you are in service (military, civilian etc.) or for personal reasons.

    Clearing system

    Free university places are awarded by a clearing system (or by the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung for DoSV study courses) to applicants who have received a rejection notice in the main allocation system. Clearing processes take place until all places have been allocated. Bavarian universities of applied sciences do not operate lottery systems. 

    Important note to all applicants

    We cannot possibly predict whether you will receive a place through the clearing system, as we do not know how applicants will react. We kindly ask you to refrain from such inquiries.

    Applicants who have been offered a place, must enrol by post and by the deadline. The enrolment deadline and further actions you need to take will be shown on the enrolment application you receive as a .pdf to download, when you have completed both online acceptance declarations (at and HISinOne). You will receive your admission notice by post (a little later for NC study courses than for open-admission courses). When planning any vacation please bear in mind that the admission notice is likely to arrive in mid-August / early September for a winter semester or mid-February / early March for a summer semester, also that the deadline may be within the holiday period and that you must enrol by post. At the end of the day this is about your future career path, so vacations should take a back seat.

    The enrolment application shows which documents you need to submit, such as a special certificate of health insurance or about your pre-study placement. You cannot enrol unless you submit these documents in full. If your enrolment is refused, because you miss the enrolment deadline or there are obstacles to enrolment such as missing documents, then the admission notice is void.

    You will find all necessary information here about the pre-study placement.

    International quota

    The international quota refers only to applications for restricted admission (NC) degree programs. The international applicant quota only covers non-German or stateless applicants who are not nationals of a Member State of the European Economic Area (EEA) and who have not obtained their university entrance qualification in Germany or at a German school abroad. In terms of entrance requirements, no distinction is made between EEA nationals / foreign nationals with a German university entrance qualification, and Germans.

    Nationality is relevant for admission. If there are two nationalities and the university is aiming for the quota for foreign course applicants, then only the non-German nationality may be given.

    5 % of places are reserved for international applicants. Applicants are selected according to their level of qualification, waiting times are not credited. Applications for recognition of hardship cases cannot be considered.

    For more information, please see the following:

    10.1 Recognition of certificates

    10.2 German language skills

    10.3 Application process


    Applicants who have already completed a degree at a German university of applied sciences or who complete it by the end of the application period, see FAQ No. 1, can only be admitted within the special quota of 2 % of course places.

    If you are not in possession of your first degree diploma by the end of the application period, see FAQ No. 1, you cannot be included in the quota for applicants for a second degree.

    The separate information sheet contains further information.

    Applicants with a ‘Meister’ or equivalent diploma can study without any limitations at the OTH Regensburg and are not restricted by subject.

    Applicants who have completed a vocational training course (journeyman's or apprenticeship certificate together with the diploma from the vocational college) and then worked for a minimum of 3 years in a position matching their vocational training, can apply to the OTH Regensburg subject to certain limitations and subject restrictions. Whether your vocational training meets the requirements for the course for which you apply is decided by academic counsellors at a mandatory consultation. Successful attendance at a two-semester probation course is another requirement.

    The following applies to both groups: Before you apply, you must have an interview with the academic advisor, enclose confirmation of this interview with your application (available from the academic advisor) and then submit these documents together. There are no deadlines or invitations. Please arrange an individual appointment for the interview with the academic advisor as early as possible. Confirmation from advisors at other universities in Bavaria will be recognized for the same or similar courses of study and must also be included in the application.

    In particular, attending a preparatory course (e.g. mathematics) proves to be useful for taking up technical or engineering studies. Here the OTH Regensburg offers suitable preparation courses for professionally qualified students.

    Special-case applications cannot be made in the NC study courses except for ‘Bildungsinländer’ (foreign nationals with a German university entrance qualification) and foreign applicants from within the European Economic Area (EEA).

    Applicants with a disability or chronic condition will find more information here.


    Authentication specimen

    Documents which have to be officially authenticated will be found in FAQ No. 6.

    Who does the authenticating? 

    Any public body with an official seal can authenticate documents. These include authorities, notaries, churches organised under public law, local councils, ‘Bürgerbüros’. Many ‘Krankenkassen’ (health insurance providers) also have an official seal. We cannot accept authentications by banks or by the following bodies, even when they have an official seal: lawyers, associations, accountants, bookkeepers. The university does not offer an authentication service!

    There are three main criteria which an authentication must meet:

    • it must have an endorsement confirming that the copy/photocopy corresponds to the original
    • it must bear the signature of the authenticating person
    • it must bear the imprint of the official seal. A simple stamp, e.g. of a ‘Krankenkasse’, is not acceptable.

    In your own interest check these three criteria very carefully and also point them out to the authenticating person. Time and again we find that applicants are excluded from the process because their authentications do not meet the rules.

    If the copy consists of a number of sheets, then you must prove that each page comes from the same document. Only one page needs to show the authentication note and the signature provided that all sheets are placed on top of each other and the official seal imprint is on every page. Applications will be disregarded if authentication is not correct and complete.

    As a general rule, it is possible to apply for different study degree programmes. (Bachelor and Master or higher semester Bachelor and first semester Bachelor can also be combined. Important note: Different courses have different application periods!) This is intended for NC courses because of the uncertainty of getting a place. However, there is little point in applying for more than one NC-free degree programme as it can assumed that you will be able to obtain a place.

    Please note the following important points however (and the special procedure for restricted admission courses):

    • An application for admission consists of an application number under which multiple courses are listed. You only need to attach your documents once – see FAQ No. 6. Bear in mind however that different courses also require different documents, e.g. pre-study placement.
    • You cannot refer to application documents used in previous applications.
    • We can only accept applications for the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg, not for other universities.
    • If you have been accepted for numerous study degree programmes and you have decided on one of them, we do not need to be omformed that you have declined the other degree programmes.

    Your enrolment must be made by post. You will find all the relevant information in the enrolment application, see FAQ No. 7. You will receive this online as a download, once you have accepted the place on ( for an NC course), and HISinOne. If it is not absolutely possible to enrol personally by post, you can authorise another person to enrol for you informally. You are welcome to use our template for this. You will need a copy of the ID of your representative and a copy of the ID of the person being represented (your ID). Please remember: you must upload a passport photo when accepting a place online in the HISinOne application portal.

    This is how to apply: on this page you will find the application procedure and the OTH Regensburg portal, where you can apply for a Bachelor degree programme (first semester).

    Have you signed a contract with an additional agreement for a dual study course (Academic Studies & Apprenticeship)?

    If so you can apply for a place one year before the course begins. Send us an application by the due date and in the correct form together with your course grant contract (apprenticeship contract). You can then participate in the university place allocation procedure.

    If you are offered a place of study please do not accept it online this semester because of your placement phase, but apply to for a deferral notice.

    If you are not offered a place in this allocation period, try again a semester later.

    When the application procedure starts for the semester in which you actually want to start your studies then you must also apply here by the due date and in the correct form. Your application must be supported by your course grant contract (apprenticeship contract), the admission notice from the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (= or the deferral notice. You will then be considered as ‘already admitted’ and so will definitely receive a place at the university.

    All applications are marked with an application status in our HISinOne application portal. You should regularly check the status of your own application.

    In preparation
    You have not yet submitted your application online.

    Received online
    You have submitted an online application. The application subsequently generated has not yet reached us by post or, it may take a few days to process it because of the large number of applications. Please be patient. If you posted your application early and it has still not been processed within a few days before the final application deadline then it has probably got lost in the post. Please send in your application again by the final deadline.

    Your application has been processed and you are part of the university's place allocation procedure. The application portal will tell you if supporting documents are still needed and tell you when to submit them.

    Provisionally excluded
    Your application has been processed but you are not part of the university's place allocation procedure. The application portal will tell you what important documents are needed and when you must submit them.

    Your application has this status if it is not valid and so has been excluded from the course allocation process.

    A status can change, e.g. when support documents are received, or your application is checked a second time etc. You should therefore always check your status again before the end of the application period.

    Admission offered – admission notice follows
    Congratulations! You have been offered a place on this degree programme. For degree programmes with no NC limit you will receive an admission notice in the post shortly.
    For NC degree programmes you must now accept the place first with and then an hour later with us on the HISinOne application portal. You will then receive your admission notice in the post from the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (= Please keep the admission notice very carefully – copies cannot be issued.

    Offer of admission not possible at the present time – rejection notice to follow
    We’re sorry. You have not received a place on this degree programme because of the NC. Please wait for the written rejection notice – it will show you all further information. Please do not call us to ask about a possible clearing process. We cannot predict how the admission procedure will develop and whether or not a place will become available. You will be informed as soon as possible if a place does become available. Please keep the rejection notice very carefully – copies cannot be issued.

    Information about your application status with