Bachelor degree programmes


Degree programmes informationAccr.DualStart (Winter Semester, Summer Semester)Application periodEntry requirements
Architecture  Winter semester01.05.-15.06.Aptitude test,
Pre-study placement
Artficial Intelligence and Data Science  Winter semester01.05.-15.07.NC, Checklist DoSV 
Civil Engineering Winter semester, Summer semester15.11.-15.01.NC, Pre-study placement,  Checklist DoSV 
Business StudiesWinter Semester, Summer Semester15.11.-15.01.NC  Checklist DoSV 
Business Studies    part-time, fee-paying 
Biomedical Engineering Winter Semester01.05.-15.07.NC, Pre-study placement,  Checklist DoSV, 
BSc in Physiotherapy Winter Semester01.05.-15.07.NC, Checklist DoSV, Professional aptitude: Confirmation of Enrollment 
BSc in Logopedics  Winter Semester01.05.-15.07.NC, Checklist DoSV, Professional aptitude: Confirmation of Enrollment 
Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologyWinter Semester, Summer Semester15.11.-28.02.Pre-study placement 
Environmental and Industrial Sensor Technology Winter Semester01.05.- approx. 15.09.  
European Business Studies  Winter Semester01.05.-15.07.NC, Checklist DoSV  Special information sheet 
Building Climatology Winter Semester01.05.- approx. 15.09.Pre-study placement 
Industrial Design Winter Semester01.05.-15.06.Aptitude test,
Pre-study placement
Computer ScienceWinter Semester, Summer Semester15.11.-15.01.NC  Checklist DoSV 
Intelligent Systems Engineering Winter Semester01.05.- approx. 15.09.Pre-study placement 
International Relations and Management  Winter Semester01.05.-15.07.NC, language criteria, FAQ,   Checklist DoSV 
Mechanical EngineeringWinter Semester, Summer Semester15.11.-28.02.Pre-study placement 
Mathematics Winter Semester, Summer Semester15.11.-28.02.  
Mechatronics Winter Semester01.05.- approx. 15.09.Pre-study placement 
Medical InformaticsWinter Semester01.05.- approx. 15.09.  
Microsystems TechnologyWinter Semester01.05.- approx. 15.09.  
Midwifery  Winter Semester01.05.-15.07.NC, Special information sheet, Checklist DoSV 
Music and Movement Oriented Social Work Winter Semester, Summer Semester15.11.-15.01.NCChecklist DoSV
Pre-study placement,
Professional aptitude
Nursing Winter Semester01.05.-15.07.NC, Special information sheet,  Checklist DoSV, 
Nursing Management    part-time, fee-paying 
Production Engineering and AutomationWinter Semester01.05.- approx. 15.09.Pre-study placement 
Renewable Energy Engineering and Energy EfficienyWinter Semester, Summer Semester15.11.-28.02.Pre-study placement 
Sensor Technology and Analytics (This study course has been discontinued. Application is only possible for a higher semester) 15.11.-15.01.  
Social Work Winter Semester, Summer Semester15.11.-15.01.NC, Pre-study placement, Checklist DoSV 
Social Work    part-time, fee-paying 
Mechatronic Systems Engineering    part-time, fee-paying 
Computer EngineeringWinter Semester, Summer Semester15.11.-15.01.NC, Checklist DoSV 
Business Information TechnologyWinter Semester, Summer Semester15.11.-15.01.NC, Checklist DoSV 

Start = Course starts

Winter semester:
Course starts 01.10.

Summer semester:
Course starts 15.03.

HZB = Higher education entrance qualification, for example "Abitur" (school leaving examination in Germany)

VPD = preliminary review documentation (foreign higher education entrance qualifications must be recognised by uni-assist)

NC = Numerus Clausus (restricted admission)

Enrollment = registration

Termination of Enrollment = de-registration

Undergraduate study program = study course with first degree

Consecutive study program = study course based on the first degree