Registration for Exams

Please register your chosen examinations and study-related course work (including repetitions) via the Studierenden-Serviceportal (SSP) . You can find the registration period here.

Here you can find PDF and video instructions for how to register for exams in the study planner of the Student Service Portal (SSP).

Registrations can also be checked via the Studierenden-Serviceportal (SSP) . Please send any necessary corrections by e-mail to the Examinations and Internships Office.

Changes after this registration period must be requested directly from your examination board.

Examination Timetables

  • Information on examination dates is available from the faculties: Faculties
  • Information on notification of examination timetables.

Examination Time Period

The time period can be found here.

Notification of Grades:

Notification of grades can be found via the Studierenden-Serviceportal (SSP). Dates

Final Theses: Bachelor and Master Theses


  1. application for crediting for
  • candidates applying for a higher semester. The application for crediting must be submitted together with the application materials for the study program.
  • candidates applying for a study program in the first semester. The application for crediting must be submitted within the following time frame: from the date of enrollment until no later than 10 days after the start of the study program.

Application for crediting when applying for a study program at the OTH Regensburg

Attachment to the application for crediting for competencies acquired outside of the university.
Required in addition to the application for crediting if competencies were acquired in the context of professional or other competency-building activities.

      2. application for students of the OTH Regensburg who have completed coursework or examination achievements at home or abroad during their studies at the OTH Regensburg which are to be credited to the study program. Please note that crediting cannot be granted for repeat examinations.

Application for students of the OTH Regensburg

Do you have a disability or a chronic illness

If you have a disability and are not able to sit an examination in whole or in part in the intended form, you can apply for compensation (available only in German) for disadvantages in so far as this is necessary to ensure equal opportunities.

A request for compensation for disadvantages must be made in writing. The application (available only in German) should be submitted no later than when registering for exams.

Advice on applications:
Andrea März-Bäuml, representative for students with disabilities/chronic illness Room D107, Tel. 0941/943 9710, E-Mail: andrea.maerz-baeuml@oth-regensburg.de
and Prof. Dr. Striepling, chairman of the examination board, E-Mail: pruefungsausschuss@oth-regensburg.de


Examinations and Internships Office:

Should you have further questions please contact the Examinations and Internships Office.