Upon enrollment, the study relationship at the university is established. It is normally the result of an admission to the university in a study place allocation procedure (in admission-restricted and free study program).


Applicants who have received an offer of admission must enroll online within a specified deadline. If you are applying for a Bachelor program in the first semester, information concerning the enrollment deadline and the further procedure is indicated on the application for enrollment. You will receive this as a .pdf download once you have completed both online acceptance declarations (via hochschulstart.de and HISinOne). Please note: Some coordination rules ensure that Hochschulstart automatically accepts your study place for you. You can recognize this by the status "Admitted". In this case, please only accept in our application portal HISinOne. NC-free study programs (programs that have no restricted admission) must only be accepted in the application portal HISinOne, as no application via hochschulstart.de is necessary. Applicants for Master degree programs or advanced semesters will be informed of the enrollment deadline and the further procedure on the admission notice.

Enrollment is expected to take place in August for a winter semester or in February for a summer semester.


You are generally required to upload the following documents for online enrollment at the university:

  • application for enrollment along with other documents required by the university depending on the individual case (Bachelor first semester students receive this after the online acceptance declaration in the application portal, Master and higher semesters receive it by e-mail with the admission notice)
  • signed Declaration of Consent for the Processing of Personal Data (you will receive this with the application for enrollment)
  • copy of valid identity card/passport

Health Insurance:

Please request an insurance certificate from your health insurance company. This will then be automatically sent to us for enrollment purposes.

Student Service Fee

You will receive the bank transfer details for the student service fee together with the application for enrollment.