About us

#Bridge!t is the name of an intercultural studentgroup, working on projects for students with an entrepreneurial-mindset.

#Bridge!t gives people the chance to meet intrapreneur and entrepreneurs, to hear their stories and have them as inspiration.

#Bridge!t stands behind gender equality. Like a bridge, we are trying to connect entrepreneurs, intrapreneur females and males, to make the best connection between society.

#Bridge!t - also stands for the connection between our home universities

  • Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg
  • University of Prishtina, Kosovo
  • University of South Bohemia in Ceské Budejovice

#Bridge!t is a place for every student of every faculty. It stands for equality, as a bridge between experts and students, females and males, countries and cultures.


When we think about famous entrepreneurs then we think about the long way they had until they become ‘’someone’’. But if we talk for real then it’s not hard to become one.

Everyone can become an entrepreneur; if you are ambitious, if you have dreams, you have an idea, make your ideas real, create a product, open a business,

Just DO IT!

An Entrepreneur is a person who creates something, is mostly seen as an innovator or a source of new ideas.

Becoming an Entrepreneur has its ups and downs, you have to fight to get what you want, but if you truly want your idea to become real it will be a good challenge to face them.

Never lose hope about becoming what you want and who you want.

One clear difference is that an intrapreneur is an employee and the entrepreneur is the boss. :)

Great grades don’t make you a good intrapreneur, IDEAS DO.

An Intrapreneur can be a person who is working for a company or a project, he or she has an idea of creating something innovative. An intrapreneur is not working alone, usually that person works in a team. An Intrapreneur can be a person with visionary goals that can help him or her become an Entrepreneur after a period of time.

The Intrapreneur usually follows the rules of a person; the boss of the company. But they are free to not follow the rules or protocols, they are free to innovate their ideas without pressure.

There are many different stereotypes in the world for woman and men work. Society have thoughts which jobs are for women and which are for men, but is it right?

Here we have “Out of the Box” and we are going to explain that everyone is free to choose what they want to work with, what they feel and what they think, what is the best for them.

Nowadays we have women who are working as photographers, truck drivers, taxidermists, butchers, firefighters, geologists etc. and they are very successful.

Also we have men working  as hair dressers, make-up artists, pedicure and manicure artists, nail artists etc.

“Leave me work what I want to work”

“I work what I want to work.”


Why did we do the interviews?

#Bridge!t share inspiring stories that can be a motivation for Entrepreneurs-To-BE, who want to do something ''out of the box''.

#Bridge!t  want to tell people out there, that everyone can be an entrepreneur, encouraged through a strong network of like-minded people. That’s why we had Interviews with inspiring, innovative and special persons.

We wanted to highlight certain entrepreneurs for the students. Not the famous „big ones“ like Steve Jobs, but the entrepreneurs among us – in our hometown or even our university. Especially female entrepreneurs and students with their own businesses are often invisble and underrepresented in our society.

Take the chance to get to know them and you will find inspiration to follow your own ideas.



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